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    Wangari Maathai
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About Uncle's

Every community consists of homeowners, tradesmen, & corporations that have some sort of connection with building materials. Materials are produced, purchased, exchanged, and disposed of. Uncle Benny saw the necessity in our community for a building supply exchange where you can buy, sell, or trade new and used building materials. Without a hub such as Uncle Benny's, reusable materials are routinely thrown away for many reasons. While our main focus is the salvage and retail of secondary market materials; we have incorporated new materials in order to broaden the market of our salvaged materials, increase customer convenience and support general overhead.

Description of Product&Services: Uncle Benny's Building Supplies, LLC has been recycling building materials for 25 years in Loveland.

We have saved 100,000+ tons of usable materials from the landfill.

No matter what you need for your next project, we can help!


We’ve got doors! We have everything from cabinet doors to overhead doors. Antique with character to shiny new. We have interior hollow-core, used doors from $25.00 to custom, handmade one-of-a-kind entry systems. We usually have …


Lights, fans, outlets, breakers, wire, switches, transformers and more! Just like the plumbing fixtures, we see all kinds of great lights and fans come through. Mid-century modern, rustic, retro, vintage, antique and just plain old …


In our yard you’ll find 1200 square feet of hardware and fasteners. We have a building with nuts, bolts, washers, screws, nails, and loads of other related items… and some not so related items! The …


We have 800 square feet stacked 2 high full of cabinets. Kitchen cabinets, vanities, laundry, built-ins… We get cabinets from remodels, miss-orders and the like. We get everything from 40 piece sets of brand new …


We get a bit of brick, block, stone, RR ties, timbers and rarely pavers. Give us a call if you are looking for something. We do get some fun things and you are only limited …


We usually have around 1,000 windows in stock! In our window racks you’ll find everything from antique sashes for art, restoration or décor to brand new energy efficient vinyl and wood-clad windows. We also have …


We stock a varying array hardwood, carpet, tile… Like everything else, it is new used, overstock, vintage, miss-order, seconds…


We stock most standard and common styles of trim direct from the factory at great prices. We also keep vintage, unusual, out-of-production trim on hand as it is available. Most of our trim business is …


We stock whatever lumber we can get our hands on at a low price. Everything from antique barnwood, salvaged lumber and decking to new composite decking, A-grade framing lumber, timbers, sheet goods and live edge …


Toilets, sinks, fittings, tubs, sprinkler parts, pumps, faucets, pipe, etc… We buy some lots of plumbing items here and there, but most of our plumbing and related fixtures come from homeowners and contractors that we …